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This website as an uncluttered resource for people who plan to come to Platteville or have recently moved here. Long time residents too can find good information here and maybe you'll see someone you know in some of the photos.

I hope you will find the information on this site useful and helpful. If you would like me to research a certain subject for inclusion on this site or if you have an interesting story about Platteville I would love to hear from you.

I chose the green color of this website because it reminds me of the deep dark healthy green of the cornfields in summer. One cool summer afternoon I stopped by the side of the road, got out of my car and just marveled at the beautiful color of the landscape for an hour. I needed a calmer lifestyle than southern California and I found it here. It is a bustling little city but just outside Platteville is a peaceful feeling one just cannot find in a big city.

Platteville Wisconsin - What's it like?

Platteville has a lot to offer visitors and those who wish to move to our fair city. My family and I have been warmly welcomed in Platteville. We have become involved in numerous activities and have enjoyed watching our two daughters Sophie and Sarah grow up. There is a comforting feeling of belonging in this city small enough for folks to know their neighbors but big enough to provide the amenities we all look for.

Though many homes here are over 100 years old most have been remodeled and upgraded to look great. A drive through town shows the pride of ownership local people have in keeping their homes maintained and their yards groomed.

You will enjoy the many events that help bring local residents together and promote a feeling of community.  Parades down main street, a vibrant farmers market, homecoming football games and many other events will make you feel at home here in Platteville Wisconsin.

You will see the occasional horse drawn buggy carrying an Amish family trotting down Water street. College students bustling around town with book laden backpacks slung over their shoulders. Main street Christmas decorations will bring a smile to your face as the nights get colder. We love it here. I'm sure you will too.

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