My Aviation Experience

I earned my private pilot certificate in 1982 flying a Cessna 152 out of the Corvallis Municipal airport in Corvallis Oregon. Since then I have flown numerous aircraft types from small single engine aircraft to military fighter jets to heavy transport jets. After college I went to Quantico Va. for basic officer training in the USMC. Then I went to Pensacola Fl. for primary flight training in the T-34 turboprop trainer. After six months of training I packed my bags and headed to Kingsville Tx. for intermediate and advanced jet training flying the T2 Buckeye and the TA4 Skyhawk trainer jets. My first fighter assignment was to fly the A4M Skyhawk ground attack fighter jet. I flew the Skyhawk in Pappy Boyngton's old squadron, the Black Sheep and after two years I transitioned to the new AV8B Harrier jump jet. Yes it is a kick in the pants.

I got out of the military in 1994 and flew as a flight instructor and charter pilot in Southern California for a few years. After 9/11 airline jobs were scarce but I was able to land one with Atlantic Coast Airlines, a feeder for United Airlines. I flew the CRJ 70 seat jet but was furloughed when ACA went bankrupt. I snagged another flying job with American Trans Air flying the Boeing 757 but lost that job when ATA went bankrupt.

I have not done much flying since then but I still love to get airborne when I can.

You can reach me at 608-331-0000.