My Experience with Computers

I graaduated from Oregon State University with a degree in Computer Science in 1982. I did not work with computers much during my time in the Marine Corps but began working with them in earnest after I left the service in 1994. Playing around at first mostly but I began to get more and more into the guts of the software as time went by.
After I was furloughed from my second airline job I decided to build an online air taxi booking service at This venture had a lot going for it but many things went wrong including the bankruptcy of Eclipse Aviation and the worldwide economic downturn. I was unable to find investors so I tried to turn into a standard charter brokering service. I also became a Realtor® in California just in case things didn't work out with the charter brokering business. I am still available to work with charter clients for but this is not what I wanted to do with my venture so I don't put much time into it. I have hopes one day of getting on track again but it will wait for now.

I have devoted a lot of time to learning about Search Engine Optimization and web site design. I plan to learn a lot more about it in coming years and I plan to use my knowledge to the advantage of my real estate clients. My long term goal is to make my real estate service fruitful enough that I can begin devoting more time to tweaking my software. In essence I hope to pay for my online air taxi booking service by making my real estate service top notch. I am very ambitious and my ambitions are now pointed squarely at real estate in Platteville Wisc.

I know how to get a property advertised quickly online, not just in the MLS but on many many other internet based mediums. Newspaper ads are too expensive and are less effective than internet based real estate advertising services like, and many others.

One of the interesting things I have noticed is that I don't see many open houses advertised online. I wondered why that was until I advertised one of my own. I found that the syndication services often lost the open house info or changed it somehow to the wrong times or dates. Open house information doesn't syndicate automatically to many online real estate services so I found that I needed to manually enter the times and dates into individual services using a unique username and password. Doing this is more time consuming and complicated than it should be. I was able to get my open houses listed but I can see why agents without a solid understanding of the way MLS data is syndicated could become overwhelmed and just give up trying. You should hire a real estate agent who does not give up trying to use the internet to advertise your property. The internet is wide open for someone who knows his way around. I can get your property exposed to a large audience online.

You can reach me at 608-331-0000.