Real Estate Services in the Cuba City area:

My real estate broker's office is in Platteville Wi but I live near Cuba City so I can provide quick response and great service to Cuba City residents.  Especially those who live or wish to locate north of Cuba City.

Sellers - If you plan to sell your home or other type of real estate I can help you pinpoint the correct asking price.  This is the most important part of selling a home.  If you price the property too low someone will swoop in and buy it very quickly.  Then you will wonder if you should have asked for a higher price.  If you price your home for sale too high your home will probably sit on the market for a very long time costing you more money than you expect.   The internet has opened up a wealth of sales data that is available to all realtors but very few really know how to use the technology to provide you with the accuracy that can be attained easily by using the tools effectively. 

I have extensive experience in working with high tech tools and computer systems.  I have a computer science degree and I am a former Marine fighter pilot.  I like to get things done right the first time and I like to get them done quickly.   I return calls quickly and I receive email on my cell phone.  As a Wisconsin Realtor I do a good deal of driving from place to place so I keep my work station mobile to provide maximum flexibility.  Let me help you sell your home, land, business or other real estate property. 

Buyers - Are you looking to buy real estate in the Cuba City area?  I can send you email notifications immediately when a new property is listed in the MLS.  Are you looking for property within a two mile radius of Cuba City but you are also willing to locate up to 10 miles out if the property is within 1/2 mile of Hwy 80 north of town?  How about a house less than 50 years old with minimum of 1500 sqft on more than 2.5 acres of land below $180k?  Ask for what you want and those are the listings I'll send you.  And they will come to you within seconds of the listing hitting the MLS.  Be ready to buy because the best deals go quickly.  Let me help you be the first to make your offer.

Roger Burton