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Tax information
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Parcel Boundary Map

Click Here then click "I Agree" and enter the address or parcel number (Tax Key Number found on MLS listing) of Grant or Iowa county properties.

Click Here and enter "public" and "public" in the user id and password boxes for tax and assessment reports.

For parcel maps with satellite photo overlays for Grant, Richland, Iowa, Lafayette and Green counties Click Here

How to scan documents and turn them into .pdf files that are of manageable size for free:



I use icopy to scan documents into my computer using a printer/scanner and it works great. Then I use PDFCreator to "print" the scanned document to a file on my computer as a pdf document. The quality is good and these two programs work in concert to produce a good quality file of manageable size. Smaller files work better for us because they don't jam up email. Large files take a long time to download and often fail when they are sent by email. I highly recommend using these two open source (free) programs.

Did you know you can find property lines using
Google Maps?

Just zoom in to a small scale for properties you are researching.

How to put multiple locations on a map.
Very Easy!

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