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A new WHEDA program to help keep your taxes lower

First time home buyers may be eligible for the WHEDA Tax Advantage, an exclusive program designed to save you money and make home ownership more affordable. The program provides a special tax credit to qualified borrowers, which reduces their federal income tax liability over the life of the mortgage.

Eligibility limits

Grant County:
1-2 person household income $71,880
3+ member household income $83,328
Purchase price limit $250,000

Iowa county:
1-2 person household income $77,370
3+ member household income $88,976
Purchase price limit $250,000

Lafayette county:
1-2 person household income $72,239
3+ member household income $83,075
Purchase price limit $250,000


Traffic on Real Estate Search Engines Jumps


As you can see by the graph above the “Reach” (estimated percentage of global internet users who visit the website)  jumped dramatically this January on four prominent real estate search engines,, and  Other real estate search engines have experienced similar volume increases.   This larger than normal jump in traffic is significant because real estate buyers often start their shopping five to six months before they actually purchase a home.  This data indicates that there are a lot of new real estate searches being conducted which in turn indicates that there are more buyers in the market this year.  More buyers generally means lower inventory and higher prices.  If you are a buyer this data should alert you that you may have more competition for your dream home this year.  Buyers should set up an automatic alert to be notified immediately when a home is placed on the market so you don’t miss the best deals.   If you are a seller this data is good news.  It may be time to put your house on the market if you have been waiting or if your home is on the market already maybe you won’t need to accept the same kind of price concessions that buyers have been suffering over the past several years.

This will likely affect the local Platteville Wisconsin real estate market as it will the rest of the country.

Platteville, WI – Map of price changes for past 12 months

Price increases

12 Month Price Increases


This is my first post on my brand new blog. 

The National Association of Realtors has recently made available to me a resource with a nationwide database of properties.  The new resource has many features that I have been exploring.  One of the features I find particularly helpful is the Heat Map.  This feature gives a graphic representation of several types of reports available.  I find one of the reports interesting and I am including a picture of the printout in this blog.  The map above shows areas of price increase in blue and areas of price decrease in red.   This map could be useful in determining a good asking price when listing a home or to decide what to offer for a home.  It shows a trend that may or may not continue in a given area.  I expect that the areas around the college and health center will continue to rise in value as more students and medical staff move to the area.